Dissertation on marketing meat from boars

In Germany Diana Engesser conducted an excellent bibliographic work on practical solutions to use entire male meat and boar tainted meat in particular. A summary of her thesis work in 2015 has been published in the 2017 edition of Fleischwirtschaft. An efficient method to decrease levels of androstenone and skatole … Continue reading

New detection method for boar taint

At the ICoMST 2017 conference in Cork Ireland Claus Borggaard and his colleagues from the Danish Meat Research Institute presented the At-line rapid instrumental method for measuring the boar taint components androstenone and skatole in pork fat. An increase in the number of slaughtered male pigs has led to demands … Continue reading

Presentation Annechien ten Have

At the IPEMA industry workshop which took take place in Cluj-Napoca on 29.09.2017 Annechien ten Have did give a presentation about her twenty years experience with raising entire male pigs on her own farm in the Netherlands. Her pig farm has 600 sows and 3000 finishers, family operated with group … Continue reading

Quality of boars, barrows and gilts

Preventive measures like feeding, breeding and housing are effective in reducing boar taint Source: this article was published earlier in the German magazine Fleischwirtschaft. December 2016. The article has been translated for the CzechA� butcher magazine Maso to inform and update the Czech market and meat industry A�about the developments, … Continue reading

EU: castratie zonder verdoving nog steeds gebruikelijk

Pig Progress, 16 maart 2017 Minder dan een jaar voor de zichzelf opgelegde deadline, wordt in de varkenshouderij in de Europese Unie nog steeds op grote schaal gecastreerd zonder verdoving. Enkele jaren geleden heeft de Europese varkenssector vrijwillig gekozen om onverdoofde castratie te stoppen op 1 januari 2018. Tegen de … Continue reading

EU: Castration without anaesthesia still common

Pig Progress, March 16, 2017 Less than a year before its own deadline, the pig industry in the European Union is still widely castrating without anaesthesia. Several years ago, the European pig industry voluntarily opted to stop castration by 1 January 2018. Against the background of that a�?European declarationa��, the … Continue reading