Consumers influenced by many (complex) factors

The biggest challenge facing boar meat is consumer quality perception. Various studies conducted as part of the five-year research programme a�?Boars Heading for 2018a�� revealed that a number of factors influence consumers.

One of the studies demonstrated that consumers assess meat quality more on the basis of flavour than of smell. Specific meat products also influence consumer perception. Pork chops score, for example, more negatively than pork fillets. And products that originate from the fattier pork belly also score considerably lower. The testing environment also proves to influence consumer quality perception. Studies conducted at home provide more reliable data than those carried out in a laboratory setting.
The solution to this complex challenge starts with a good, reliable detection method that enables meat with boar taint to be traced and channelled away from consumers.

Detailed information can be obtained straight from the researcher in question. For the (English-language) research report and contact details click here.