Genetic solution to boar taint?

Many parties agree. The largest bottleneck to stopping castration is the risk of boar taint. A number of researchers in the a�?Boars Heading for 2018a�� programme focused their studies on the long term. Their objective? To find a genetic solution. The first positive results have already been achieved. The research was carried out in close cooperation with a breeding organisation.

Sperm from a special group of boars was selected and marketed under the name Nador. The offspring of these boars have 40% less risk of boar taint developing. The Nador concept is one of the first developments in the field of genomic selection.
An identification system has been developed in connection with this concept. This allows meat processors to determine whether the pig delivered for slaughter is genuinely the offspring of a Nador boar.

Detailed information can be obtained straight from the researcher in question. For the (English-language) research report and contact details click here.