Detection method as quality control system

During the five-year research programme a�?Boars Heading for 2018a��, researchers – in collaboration with Dutch meat processing companies – developed a system for guaranteeing the quality of boar meat. This so-called Human Nose System (HNS) is based on discovering boar taint in meat on the slaughter line utilising trained testers.

During a number of major commercial trials almost two million boars were checked and the resulting test data was analysed. The testers discovered that during the 2011-2013 approximately 4% of boars developed boar taint when their flesh was heated. a�?The Human Nose System has been set up and described as a quality control system. A tester protocol is linked to the system. The system can easily be linked to existing quality control systems such as QS and IKB.

Detailed information can be obtained straight from the researcher in question. For the (English-language) research report and contact details click here.