Dutch supermarkets opt for uncastrated pigs

annechien in de afdeling ccs okt 09On 23 May 2013, Dutch supermarkets agreed to make the production of fresh Dutch pork even more sustainable in conjunction with the Dutch pork sector and Dutch slaughterhouses. The measures affecting humans, animals and the environment will come into effect on 1 January 2014.

One of the agreements made is that as of 1 January 2014, castration will be banned for pigs intended for Dutch supermarkets. This will affect approximately 4 million pigs, whose meat is sold by Dutch retailers.

Annechien ten Have, Chair of the Dutch steering group Stoppen met Castreren: “This is an important step for Dutch supermarkets. It means we will be as much as a year ahead of the schedule agreed for the Netherlands in 2007 in the Noordwijk Declaration. A�Dutch retailers have opted for sustainable and more animal friendly, high-quality pork. Their decision was based on market demand. A�This demand is also increasing in other European countries. It is encouraging to see more attention being paid to making pork production sustainable in Europe.”