Five years of Boars Heading for 2018

bannerkleinThe topic of the castration of male piglets has grown in importance in the last decade and a half. The complexity of the subject turned out to be an enormous challenge for all those concerned. Not only did it involve many different parties in the production chain, but the practical aspects also turned out to be extremely complex and multi-faceted.A�

The success achieved is due in no small part to the willingness of all the links in the production chain to work together towards the same goal, their enthusiasm and determination to find solutions. Another important factor was that funding for research was granted for a number of years, ensuring continuity. The steering committee took nothing for granted. They were open to criticism and invited other researchers to check their work.

Over the years, all the links in the pork production chain contributed, financially and in other ways, to making the campaign a success. It was not easy for any of them. They often had to invest large amounts of time and energy in winning over their rank-and-file. But throughout, all the members remained open with each other. Mutual trust meant that differences could be overcome.

The lesson that can be learned from this is that if you want something really badly, you will succeed if you work together. Solutions everyone can accept can be found and they will even bring plaudits from consumers too.

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