Unique experimenta�?, in search of the best HNS tester

To date, the Human Nose System (HNS) detection method is the most reliable method for discovering boar taint. The five-year research programme a�?Boars Heading for 2018a�� conducted a unique experiment to ascertain whether and how long testers continued to be reliable.

The researchers discovered that fatigue plays no relevant role for HNS testers as long as they didn’t work for longer than 30 minutes. Properly trained testers can reliably carry out their work for half an hour.a�?Another experiment brought to light that the quality of the HNS can primarily be guaranteed by the right selection of testers. Some people have a better sense of smell than others. a�?A tester protocol has been developed to select the right HNS staff so that the system’s quality can be guaranteed.

Detailed information can be obtained straight from the researcher in question. For the (English-language) research report and contact details click here.