Honouring Michel Bonneau

International conference Boars heading for 2018

Honoring Michel Bonneau

At the international conference Boars heading for 2018 in Amsterdam Michel Bonneau, PhD was honored by the Organizing Committee for his outstanding contribution to solving the castration issue. Michel Bonneau is known as the expert on topics on boar taint. He spent his professional career during almost 40 years at INRA, the French International Institute for Agricultural Research.A� His major achievements were scientific research on production, physiology of boars, importance of compounds related to boar taint and sensory studies, for which he was internationally highly recognized.

Michel Bonneau contributed during his career highly to activities of the EAAP Annual Meeting as President of the Pig Commission (European Federation of Animal Science). EAAP represents the professional interests of scientists, academics, professionals and producers, technicians, extension officers, governmental departments and farmer organizations. He was for years the leader of the network of scientists on the a�?EAAP Working group on production and utilization of meat from entire male pigsa�?.

Michel Bonneau was one of the leading coordinating scientists of national and international research programs, most of them being related to boar taint.

Michel Bonneau was born in December 1950. Michel grew up on a small farm in Bretagne in France and studied in Paris and Rennes.

Michel Bonneau will (probably partly) retire from 2012 onwards to spend time with his wife, daughters and grand children.

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