Conference Boars heading for 2018 fully booked

The international conference a�?Boars heading for 2018a�? , to be held in Amsterdam November 30th a�� DecemberA� 2nd,A� is a�� with over 130 guests – fully booked. Representatives of all major European countries and from all parts of the pork production chain – from farmers A�till NGOa��s – will attend the conference.
Over 50 scientists registered for the satellite Scientific Program on December 2nd. For this program the registration is also closed.

In almost all European countries the issues of castration of male piglets, animal welfare and boar taint are topics of discussion. Although more and more information is getting available through intensive research, there still are many challenges. Major challenges are for example market acceptance, cultural differences and management on the pig farm.
The overall goal of the conference is to make further steps towards a European solution and to meet the EU ambition to stop castration of male piglets in 2018.

During the conference, EU representative Andrea Gavinelli and A�international speakers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands will give their view on the challenges and possible solutions in their part of the production chain.